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Drug development is an expensive process: the development of a new drug requires cca. 1 billion dollars and 10-12 years. Moreover, the success rate is dangerously low (around 10 %). The pharmaceutical companies and the government are interested in decreasing the number of drug failures in a safe way, e.g. by the application of more effective prediction systems that are able to predict the possible effects of a drug candidate. Unfortunately, revealing the complete effect profile of a drug candidate is a problem uneasy to solve. is an online tool for revealing the whole effect profiles of drugs and drug candidates. uses cutting-edge systems biology, informatics and statistical approaches for effect prediction and is able to detect the potential physiological effects of a compound based on its chemical structure. Consequently, application of in the early drug development phases can reduce the costs of the drug development pipeline, e.g. by eliminating compounds with undesired potential effect profile while molecules possessing only the desired effects can be come to the front. Our system contains preprocessed, stored potential effect profiles for the existing 1000 small-molecule drugs and 100,000 other compounds but it is also able to process custom molecule sets compiled by the user.

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