Drug development is an expensive process: the development of a new drug requires cca. 1 billion dollars and 10-12 years. Moreover, the success rate is dangerously low (around 10 %). The pharmaceutical companies and the government are interested in decreasing the number of drug failures in a safe way, e.g. by the application of more effective prediction systems that are able to predict the possible effects of a drug candidate. Unfortunately, revealing the complete effect profile of a drug candidate is a problem uneasy to solve.

DrugPredict.com is an online tool for revealing the whole effect profiles of drugs and drug candidates. DrugPredict.com uses cutting-edge systems biology, informatics and statistical approaches for effect prediction and is able to detect the potential physiological effects of a compound based on its chemical structure. Consequently, application of DrugPredict.com in the early drug development phases can reduce the costs of the drug development pipeline, e.g. by eliminating compounds with undesired potential effect profile while molecules possessing only the desired effects can be come to the front. Our system contains preprocessed, stored potential effect profiles for the existing 1000 small-molecule drugs and 100,000 other compounds but it is also able to process custom molecule sets compiled by the user.

Most features of DrugPredict.com require PayPal subscription.


Find new, undiscovered effects for existing drugs

DrugPredict.com is an exclusive tool for drug repositioning. We determined the potential effect profiles of 1,000 applied small-molecule drugs, containing previously unrevealed physiological effects that are easy to exploit in the pharmaceutical industry.

Browse the predicted effect profiles of 100,000 druglike molecules

We generated potential effect profiles for thousands of small-molecule compounds that fulfill the Lipinski-rules of druglikeness. This set includes many molecules originated from natural sources. Browse this continuously expanding set of candidates, the potential drugs of the future!

Search the database for your molecule of interest

You can search the database by drug names, brand names, chemical names, chemical filters (e.g. molecular weight), substructure, registered and predicted effects etc. The filtering options can be freely combined. The results can be extracted in different formats for further offline processing.

Upload your molecule of interest

In case you do not find the molecule you are interested in, you can easily upload it by drawing its structure to our interface. DrugPredict.com then performs the effect prediction process and you get your results very quickly. We guarantee the complete security of the uploaded data, including that only the uploader has access to the results of his/her custom molecules.

Upload a set of molecules for high-throughput screening

If you are interested in the screening of a larger molecule set, it is also feasible at DrugPredict.com. Just prepare a file that contains all structural information on the required molecule entries and upload it to DrugPredict.com! Our data safety guarantee stands here as well.

Apply multiple prediction systems for higher reliability

DrugPredict.com now offers three independent prediction methods. The results originated from the three approaches are automatically summarized or can be fine-tuned easily, according to the user’s demands.