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Infrastructure and Network Consulting

Our team of professionals helps you to keep your valuable software infrastructure in top condition. Microsoft, Oracle or Linux based networks are our speciality and our team is trained in maintenance of huge networks and robust database systems.

Our competency extends to:

  • Server administration services: both onsite and remote
  • Server upgrading
  • Application development
  • Co-location services for startups and high bandwidth servers
  • Migration services including study, design and implementation for:
    • Migrating from other OS platforms to Linux on servers & desktops
    • Migrating from other messaging platforms to Linux based messaging applications
    • Migrating from other platforms' fault-tolerance services to Linux based fault-tolerant service
    • Migrating Databases & related Applications from proprietary ones to open source platform.
  • Linux, Microsoft or Oracle consulting
  • Database installation, maintenance, preformance tuning (MS/SQL,Oracle, MySQL)
  • Complete setup of Linux in a box for:
    • Mail Server
    • Proxy Server
    • Database Server (Oracle, MySQL)
    • Application Development Server (Oracle)
    • File and Network server
    • Firewall
    • Print Server

Our team could help you to build a stable, fast and reliable network solution, to serve your ever growing information needs.

Even on open source

Linux provides cost effective platforms and databases and operates effectively on almost any hardware. Linux and the applications written to run on the open-source operating system can offer small and large businesses numerous advantages:

  • it is inexpensive and can be easily customized to meet specific operating needs;
  • it is an ideal choice for users, as it allows them to handle their daily tasks with much greater reliability;
  • it is stable, multi-user, and multitasking environment;
  • it offers outstanding computing power, portability, and flexibility;
  • it has advanced graphical user interface.

We are sure that Linux will increasingly provide a viable platform for business-critical, end-to-end enterprise applications. Even large companies like Oracle are building thier systems on this platform – a solid argument for switching to open source platforms. That's why you can totally rely on Linux - and our Linux support team.

We have been developing custom Linux/Unix solutions for many years. Our experts are well familiar with cross-platform application development, Linux administration and Linux customization.