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Printnet δVISION is an image processing, object recognition, track and fluorescent data analysis solution for microscopic imaging. With advanced imaging capabilities and automation features it speeds up the quantization of microscopic measurements, especially in c.elegans worm experiments.

User Interface

Personalizable user interface with many built-in functions

Image correction

Image manipulation tools are also included in the software, which makes you capable of image correction and noise reduction.

Enhanced Masking

Algorithms can be run on the whole image, or on one or more of its regions.

Flourescent analysis

Flourescent markers are detected semi automatically, and intensity measurements are collected by every frame

Analysis board for the collected data, with graphs, charts and export options.

Process Automation

With the help of the numerous built-in algorithms varied modifications can be done on the source image or image series.


Recognition, identification and tracking of objects (worms) and data visualizing as layers

Detect Alive

Moving objects are identified and sorted by quantization parameters

Overview Features